Quickbooks to Xero Conversion With Ease

quickbooks to xero

When your growing business is ready to convert from Quickbooks to Xero, Statera Services can help. We’re Xero specialists, and will provide the expertise you’ll need during the conversion while ensuring that your financial records are kept safe and secure.

The majority of smaller businesses based in the U.S. are using Quickbooks to handle their finances. Quickbooks is the “800-pound gorilla” in the small business accounting world, and has been for years. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t viable alternatives out there. We believe that Xero is a very reliable, robust, and worthwhile accounting alternative. Unlike Quickbooks, Xero was built from the ground up as a cloud-based accounting application. Quickbooks, by contrast, was originally built as a standalone computer-based software package. This means that accounting “in the cloud” has always been part of the DNA of Xero. In addition, cloud-based accounting offers a degree of security, relability, and flexibility to your business books that you’ll never have if you keep your accounting on one office computer or even within your business computer network. If your computers are damaged or destroyed, your accounting records will be, also! Not so with a cloud-based accounting solution, which can be accessed from anywhere by just about any type of mobile device.

If you’re just starting your business or you have acquired a going business, consider using the Xero accounting application. A new business can choose to use any system available for its accounting procedures, and we believe Xero to be the right choice. For businesses that have been in operation for long periods, get in touch with Statera Services to convert from Quickbooks to Xero and re-launch your business with a clean accounting slate!

The folks behind Xero understand that one of the keys to small business success is having great bookkeeping help. They know that the best businesses use professional bookkeepers and accountants, and have designed their software to work with professionals. Xero is built for those who are extremely comfortable with technology, and the company provides great support. Xero is constantly listening to the accounting professionals who use its product for feedback and ideas on how to improve its software, which it does on a continuous basis. If you’re looking for traditional software to use because “everyone else is using it”, you know which system to use. However, if you’re looking for an innovative and very advanced accounting application built by a fast-growing company that actively seeks input from its professional users, you now have a choice. Contact Statera Services for more information, or call: (951) 289-5059.