Custom Invoices With Xero Online Accounting

You might not think of your company’s invoices as marketing tools, but you should. Besides the services and products that you provide, your customers will likely have the most interaction with your business in the form of the invoices that you send out. Because of this, you should make it a point to create custom invoices with the Xero online accounting system, and

create custom invoices with xero

make them not only easy to read and digest, but effective branding tools. Keep all of the communications with your business as rewarding as possible – even with the bills you send out! The Xero accounting application, which we at Statera Services specialize in, makes customizing your invoices a straightforward process.

With Xero, you can add your company’s logo image to each and every invoice that you generate, along with all of your business’ contact information. Put your company address, phone number, website, and email front and center – or not. You can choose the contact information that is visible on your invoices, as well as which graphics you’d like to use for your invoices.

You can create invoice templates for different aspects of your business. Say, for example, that you provide BBQ catering services but you also sell outdoor grilling products like personalized grilling tool sets or hot sauces for BBQ rib fanatics. You may prefer to invoice your catering clients using a template that is specific to your catering business; while using a different invoice designed especially for your BBQ products customers. Not only do you have the ability to change the look of each type of invoice, but you can also change the invoice layouts with the tools provided by Xero online accounting. The image above shows a demo invoice example featuring our fictional company’s products invoice as it would be viewed by a customer on a laptop or desktop computer. At left, you can see an example of our fictional company’s catering invoice, as it would appear on a mobile device.

Your own company may wish to use just one customized invoice or different invoices depending on your billing situations. With help from Statera Services, you too can create custom invoices with Xero with ease. We can help guide you through the process or simply create your invoices for you with your own logos, graphics, and contact information. Get in touch with us today, and see how your company can benefit from our remote bookkeeping services.