What is a Statera?

Greetings…my name is Matt, and I am Statera Services. So, I suppose the answer to the question of “what is a statera?” is: me! Occasionally I reach out to one of my two very talented and experienced bookkeeping assistants to help me handle various administrative duties, but your company’s financial affairs will always be attended to with the utmost of professionalism and integrity. I am your point of contact, and always will be. You won’t be dealing with a faceless “team” of hipsters who live somewhere in the “cloud”. I specialize in helping small businesses like yours grow while bringing dedication to managing your books.

what is a statera

Actually, “Statera” is Latin for “balance”. Statera Services strives to not only balance your books, of course, but to give your business life some balance as well. You don’t need to be concerned about the minutiae of your company’s finances; you have customers to please and great services and products to provide, after all. I know that dealing with your company’s books is probably your least favorite task, and certainly not the reason you started your business. So let me handle them for you! Not only will you be handing off a tedious chore, your financial affairs will be handled with expertise. You don’t have time to learn and stay up-to-date with your accounting application, and your business will be more successful once you focus on the work in which you excel. While I’ll work for your company in a remote capacity, I will always be readily available yet able to offer cost-effective services.

I am a bookkeeping professional with over a decade’s worth of experience, am certified with the Xero accounting system, and also possess in-depth online technical skills. Together with my loving wife and two amazing daughters, we share a busy and blessed life in the city of Riverside, California. However, we service clients around the United States and look forward to providing your business with the same attention to detail, insight, and service. Contact me to add balance to your business life! Reach me at (951) 289-5059.